Our Services

Tree Removal

We specializes in the removal of large trees in delicate surroundings, We go out of our way to ensure a safe, controlled tree removal whi le protecting the surrounding plants, hardscapes and structures.


Pruning is performed for three primary reasons: Health, safety, and aesthetics. Our arborists listen closely to your concerns and formulate plans specifically tailored to your tree’s health care needs.

Able Arborist Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding

We can remove any size stump and major surface roots from your yard, and our smaller machines can access hard-to-reach places.

Mulch Delivery

We provides truckloads of free mulch in Alameda country. The truckload takes up approximately two large parking spaces. Though we can not guarantee a date, when a truckload becomes available we will deliver on a first come, first served basis.


Our knowledge of tree health care and decades of experience working in the field give us a broad foundation to draw upon. From tree related health and assessments, view issues, construction approval, real estate evaluations – we have the experience to help guide you.

cabling and Bracing

We uses up-to-date industry techniques and standard to effectively mitigate the potential for trunk failure and splitting junctions.